R Marks & Co.

Claims Process

We work with you to make
the process as simple as possible,
whilst getting the best outcome

The Claims Process

We have made our claims process as easy as possible in just 9 simple steps. We will work with you from the intital contact right through to the final settlement. We will manage and sort everything inbetween meaning you don’t have to worry about a thing, leave it all with us. R Marks & Co are industry leading insurance claim consultants, contact us today, we look forward to working with you.


When you contact us, we will arrange a mutually agreeable date and time to inspect the damage to your home or commercial property.

Free Consultation

Our initial inspection/consultation is completely free of charge.


We will notify your insurer of the damage.


Engage Leak Detection Specialists, Fire and Flood restoration firms or Environmental Consultants to mitigate the loss and stop the damage in its tracks


Assist you with estate agents should you require to temporarily move out of your home.


Prepare all aspects of claim for submission.

Professional Services

We offer a best in class service in the event of a major loss. So, if you have suffered a major fire our Structural Engineers, Building Surveyors, and/or Architectural Consultants will assist in providing a fast and effective resolution to a complex and often time consuming matter


We will meet and negotiate with the insurer’s representatives on your behalf.


Secure the optimum settlement and chase up the insurers for the payment.